Why polished concrete is a unique choice among flooring options

Why polished concrete is a unique choice among flooring optionsConcrete flooring is often associated with rough usage and rugged appearance. For that matter, they are also more susceptible to cracks, stains, and scuffs.  On the other hand, hardwood, epoxy and other such flooring options are considered more aesthetically appealing and delicate.  Concrete floors, however, are becoming more popular.

Polished concrete flooring is the answer

By having their concrete floors polished, homeowners can get the best combination of aesthetics, functionality, durability, and efficiency. In this post, we are going to discuss how several benefits of polished concrete make it a better flooring option.

For its appearance

Many homeowners don’t prefer concrete flooring for its monotonous appearance. For a better visual appeal of the floor, they are willing to spend more on timber and stone options. The boring and unattractive look of concrete floors can be turned around with shiny polish finishes. Homeowners have the choice to pick customized designs and color stains for a polished concrete floor. A professionally polished concrete floor of your house can imitate the aesthetics of extravagant, sleek and shimmering showrooms.

It’s cost-effective

All the fanciness of concrete flooring comes at a reasonable price. Polished concrete becomes a cost-effective option for multiple reasons. For example, it doesn’t require a new concrete construction. The polish can be applied to an existing concrete base. Similarly, homeowners don’t have to put up with a recurrent cost of furnishing since no wax or other chemicals are required to maintain the sheen of the polished concrete.

Offers a multitude of practical benefits

Apart from being aesthetically appealing and budget-friendly, there are many practical benefits that come with polished concrete flooring.

  • The polish makes concrete flooring dust, stain, and scratch-proof, allowing a concrete floor to serve for decades.
  • Concrete flooring has one prominent downside i.e. it gets affected by rapid mold and fungi growth in humid regions. This shortcoming of concrete flooring can also be dealt through polishing. A concrete floor polished by professional contractors becomes resistant to the growth of mold and other microorganisms.
  • The reflectance of polished concrete floors improves the quality of natural lighting in any residential space. This improvement might also result in reduced energy bills.
  • Non-slip feature is a highlight of any concrete flooring construction. Contrary to popular belief, this beneficial feature remains intact even after polishing of the surface. But, this shine doesn’t alter the non-slippery nature of concrete.

Can be Installed everywhere

Whether it’s a living room, patio or a porch, polished concrete flooring can be installed anywhere. You can pick the color stain and design of your choice and as per the site of installation i.e. interior or exterior.

For maintaining and cleaning polished concrete flooring, you don’t have to do much. Just clean it with a wet mop from time to time.  Main Floor Covering Carpet One in Royal Oak offers first-rate concrete floor polishing services in your area. Get in touch with its experts to have your residential unit festooned with polished concrete flooring. We can be reached at at (248) 542-6600. We hope to hear from you soon!

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