Why Engineered Hardwood is Becoming More and More Popular

Perhaps you have noticed the trend in flooring lately. Most homeowners are adopting engineered hardwood flooring, for various good reasons. Not only are they affordable and easy to maintain, but they also look beautiful. It is easy to have an apartment that looks stunning without the risk of compromising your savings.

Most of us desire to have immaculate homes. This isn’t always possible when you have kids and pets. But with the right flooring, this can be achieved. It is difficult to spot the difference on the outside between hardwood floors and solid floors. It is always an added advantage having flooring and décor that lasts for a long time and is easy to maintain. Some reasons engineered hardwood flooring is highly demanded are:

1. They are easy to maintain

This quality is a plus for owners of residential buildings. Having a floor that is easy to clean up and maintain generally makes life easier. This floor doesn’t need elaborate cleaning – a mop or vacuum will get the job done quickly.

2. There are various options to choose from

People now have the liberty to select flooring according to their preferences. Engineered flooring comes with various options to choose from, and each has its own unique advantages. Most of them are safe and give your house a beautiful appearance at an affordable rate.

3. Most are environmentally friendly

A lot of people would rather make use of products that are safe for the environment. Engineered hardwood floors are more eco-friendly than solid floors. Take for instance a maple tree used in making floors. When converted to solid flooring, an entire chunk will be required to make one board. But with engineered floors, that same chunk can be converted to make 10 different boards. This, in turn, saves the environment from losing important trees.

4. They are easily installed

A click-fitting system is used in installing engineered hardwood floors. This makes them easily installed than other kinds of flooring because the minimal effort is required for installation. And due to this, the general costs are reduced. Also, the ease with which they are installed lowers the time your home will be disrupted because of installation.

5. They are affordable

Engineered hardwood floors are very economical. By using this flooring, you will be making your life easier and at the same time not sacrifice on your home’s durability. You will end up spending less in the cost of labor and installation as well. After the installation is completed, you will not need to pay for any extra processes. You can immediately go on living your life, without having to a face long installation procedure.

6. They are stable

As time goes by, the flooring encounters a great among of pressure. This flooring type is made up of various layers, making them sound structural. They can handle all elements including temperature and water damage. This is particularly important in places of high humidity like laundry rooms and bathrooms. You don’t have to worry about the floor swelling as a result of these conditions.

7. Durability

This flooring can last for a long time – of over 20 years – which means you wouldn’t have to worry about replacing them later. This durability also adds more life to you.

Homeowners trying to get new flooring options to tend to go with engineered hardwood floors due to its value, ease of installation, and durability. These floors are versatile and now highly in demand.

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