Life moves at a very fast pace these days. Not only when you’re out there navigating through traffic, work, shopping, and all the other errands, but also when you’re home – the place where you’re supposed to relax, unwind, and enjoy.

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to just live freely in your home – without worrying about every dribble and spill? Even if you have 4 kids and 3 pets, it’s possible with waterproof flooring. 

21st Century Flooring for 21st Century Lifestyles  

People want to enjoy their homes and their homelives. They want a home that reflects their lifestyle, preferred décor, perspective, and aspirations. And more than anything, they want enough time and space to live in their homes without constantly being reminded of all that can go wrong or has gone wrong and needs to be fixed, repaired, or cleaned up.

Working from the basics, the waterproof flooring can alleviate a huge part of that concern.  Those who decide on waterproof flooring have given themselves peach of mind that they didn’t realize was missing.

Previously, flooring was decided for its solely strength and location.  One or two limited options were offered in terms of both appearance and durability. In effect, flooring was one of the least interesting choices to make. Homeowners didn’t invest too much time or thought into the decision other than how much does it cost and is it appropriate for the particular room?

Today, homeowners can look and are looking for a whole lot more. They can now choose from a range of beautiful hardwoods, wood-like and patterned luxury vinyl as well as solid or textured patterned carpet. All of which is available waterproofed.

In everyday terms, what does waterproof flooring really mean?

In terms all homeowners can relate to, waterproof flooring – whether it is carpet, luxury vinyl, or hardwood – means you can have pets, kids and a whole lot of traffic without worrying about how beat up your floors are going to get. Spills are no longer a concern.

With waterproof carpet, the spilled liquid doesn’t penetrate the carpet – it stays on top of it. You clean up the surface and bypass the tedious scrubbing that we all dread whenever we see the first few drops tumble out of a glass or a bowl.

Keep in mind, waterproof technology is applied to both carpet and hardwood floors. Using the same engineering as that used in luxury vinyl, the moisture from spills and daily living doesn’t go into the subfloor. It stays on the surface for ease of cleaning up.

Offering beauty, durability, luxury, and functionality, waterproof flooring is here to stay and increasing in popularity for all the right reasons. 

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