Tigressa H20 Oath Resista Carpet On Sale Through February 10, 2019

Hey, welcome back everyone, Scott Hill here with Main Floor Covering Carpet One in Royal Oak, home of the Beautiful Guarantee.  And, always remember to visit us at our website at OaklandCountyCarpetFlooring.com.

Holidays have come and gone and we’re into the winter selling season. January is a big time for some really good savings here at Main Floor Covering Carpet One in Royal Oak.

You’re looking at our brand new Tigress Oath Resista products. This carpet flooring has very special backing, waterproof. This is part of H2O collection.  The backing is nonpermeable. That means that no pet spill, no spill of any kind will ever penetrate through the backing of the carpet or your cushion, leaving a lasting odor or stain.

This is going to carry special financing. The sale begins January 3, 2019, and, runs to February 10, 2019. 90-day Beautiful Guarantee.  H2O, no spill, no blockage, nothing can get through into your pit. Stop in for special financing.  Remember that sale runs from 1/3/2019 to 2/10/2019. Stop in and take a look.

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