The Best Flooring Ideas for Your Home Gym

The Best Flooring Ideas for Your Home GymIf you want solitude and privacy when working out, the best and cheapest option for you is to invest in a home gym. You don’t need a large space for a home based gym, and the few pieces of equipment you require for a functional home gym are:

  • Exercise ball
  • Weight bench
  • Stationary bike
  • Treadmill
  • Dumbbells and weights

However, you should also consider other factors to ensure you build a comfortable and safe environment for your desired exercise and the equipment. To create such an environment, you need to invest in high-quality gym flooring. There are several things you should consider when choosing the flooring material for your gym, which include:

  • The exercises you will perform
  • Where the gym is set up
  • The kind of heavy equipment you’re going to use

Any type of gym flooring you get must be strong and durable, and some ideas for flooring materials include the following:

1.      Wooden Flooring

Wooden flooring solutions are the perfect choice for anyone that wants a spacious and grand home gym. Wood is durable, which makes it perfect for heavy-duty equipment, and gives you several years of service if you keep it well-maintained. Wood is an attractive choice, but isn’t the best choice for gym flooring, especially if you plan on performing floor-based workouts. Moisture can make wood slippery, and that may result in accidents like falls, trips, and slips which is especially dangerous around heavy-duty gym equipment.

2.      Carpet Tiles

If you want a cushioned effect from your home gym flooring, carpet tiles are a great choice. They present a homely appearance, but they tend to stretch-out over time. They aren’t moisture resistant and may start to smell if not properly maintained.

3.      Foam Flooring

Foam flooring is a great option, if you want a soft flooring solution that is not only easy to maintain but affordable as well. The foam offers you with a soft flooring solution that eases a lot of workout techniques like stretching and sit-ups. They are available in an extensive range of colors and are also available in lightweight and interlocking mat options.

The only downside here is that it isn’t recommended for areas with heavy gym equipment, since foam flooring is vulnerable to deformation and cuts.

4.      Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl floor tiles are a good option as they are mold-resistant, easy to install, and durable. They come in an extensive array of colors and designs, are also easy to clean and are very flexible. That makes maintaining your gym easy, but they aren’t the best choice for home gym flooring that needs cushioning, since they don’t absorb shocks as easily as foam flooring.

5.      Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring is ideal for home gyms, since they are convenient, safe, and easy to install as well. They have great impact absorption, are easy to maintain, provide an anti-slip surface, and have noise and vibration reduction. That makes them one of the best flooring solutions for home gyms, and they are static resistant, ensuring that you won’t have any problems with rubber flooring in your home gym.

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