Six Reasons to Replace Your Old Worn Carpetd

The carpeting in your house has probably seen some heavy traffic during its lifetime. Everyday life puts a huge strain on the parts of your house you spend your day walking on, and that strain eventually takes its toll. Like it or not your carpet will eventually give up the ghost and need replacing with a new one. So here are 6 signs you need your carpet replaced to help you identify when your old carpet has seen its day.

1. The carpet has some nasty stains you can’t clean or cover-up.

Old carpets tend to accumulate a lot of stains from persistent use. Despite your best efforts things get spilled onto the carpet and often leave behind some discoloration. If your carpet has more uncleanable stains than you can find rugs and furniture to cover up then it’s probably time to consider replacing it.

2. The carpet has matting issues that can’t be fixed.

The weight of furniture and foot traffic will eventually take their toll on parts of your carpet and cause it to become matted. This results in indents in the carpet where it has been pressed down to the point it doesn’t recover. This can be a problem as matted areas of carpet retain more dust and other contaminants and look unsightly. You might be able to cover some of this matted area with rugs, but if too much of the carpet has ended up in this state then you should consider replacing it.

3. The carpet has some rot from mold and mildew.

If your house has sustained any water damage from flooding or weather then you may find that mold has started to eat away at parts of your carpet. In addition to damage that mold will likely release spores that can trigger allergies and contribute to other health issues. There’s no real way to fix this unless the mold is restricted to a small area that can be patched out. In most cases, you are better off replacing the entire carpet along with the underlay beneath.

4. The carpet has a bad smell you can’t get rid of.

Over time a lot of nasty things tend to get spilled onto carpets. You can never quite get them perfectly clean and some accumulated contaminants can result in the carpet eventually developing an unpleasant odor. If you can’t get rid of or mask that smell then it’s probably time to send that old stinky carpet to the tip and replace it with one that has a clean new-carpet smell instead.

5. The carpet design doesn’t appeal to you.

Sometimes you have to live with the design choices of the previous homeowners due to budget and other constraints. If you can afford it and the carpet is a bit marginal anyway then it might be worth considering whether that carpet’s pattern and coloring work in with your design preferences and lifestyle. If not then it might be worth replacing it with something that appeals to you more.

6. The carpet is just generally old and ratty looking.

Perhaps there’s no one issue that makes you want to replace your carpet, but a combination of issues over the lifetime of that old carpet which have left it unpleasant to have in your house. Time rots all things and carpets can take some abuse over their lifetimes. If your carpet has seen its day then you likely need to swap it out for new flooring that will be more pleasant to walk on.

That old carpet has probably given you good service over the years, but it won’t last forever. Once it reaches the end of its life it’s to time to say goodbye to it and hello to a new one. These tips should help give you an idea if the time has come for some new flooring.