Modern Design Begins with Your Flooring

Life is busy. It’s full of input and output. Things come at us faster and more frequently than we even notice. But we feel it. And it shows up in a haze of all sorts of things that need to get done but hasn’t quite been done. All with no clear end in sight.

While that may be the picture of a typical day in most people’s lives, there can be a clear end to the chaos – right in your line of vision. And, it can be created and sustained right in your home.

It’s called modern design. And it’s very likely that the entire concept is based upon how cluttered life has become; cluttered with commitments and emails and voicemails and texts.  And that’s just the stuff that’ in our immediate line of vision.

Modern design is rooted in simplicity and clarity. It’s the antithesis of clutter and chaos. Clean, clear and serene, modern design is about creating open space free of obstruction.

Modern design furniture is neutral and understated in color scheme. Modern design flooring has the same properties. Modern design flooring presents options and functions that complement a modern designed room and deliver on the modern design objectives. In effect, modern design begins from the ground up.

Once you have decided to go with a modern design, your next step is to select your flooring based upon the following criteria.

The Look and Feel you Desire 

Modern design flooring provides options. With natural, lighter stains and a variety of grains, wood flooring will blend easily with all other uses of bright and light neutral colors. Sometimes modern furniture is criticized for seeming too sterile. But natural wood tones inject warmth into the room’s atmosphere to offset that cold feeling that modern design and furnishings are sometimes accused of prompting

The Room 

Using a wide range of textures and patterns, modern design carpet uses neutral tones with geometric patterns in both loop and cut styles. Once again, while texture is added, it doesn’t conflict with the simplicity and clarity of your modern room emanates.

If you use hardwood flooring, you still can complement it with area rugs as long as your rug doesn’t conflict with the clarity and simplicity in color scheme.

All the rooms in your house will express and project the benefits of modern design. This includes entryways, bathrooms, and kitchens. As always, it’s important to keep the color of the floor neutral, with very little variation between pieces.

Remember, clean lines are key to modern design. Also keep in mind that clear, thin, and clean does not mean dull. While hardwood floors are a fine option, you’ll also find plenty of tile options, including porcelain or vinyl tile, to provide the ambiance and tranquility of your modern designed kitchen, bathroom, or hallway.