It may seem overwhelming, but actually learning how and why to clean and maintain your hardwood floors is not as painful or difficult as you may think. And since clean, well-maintained hardwood floors noticeably beautify the room, it’s a very rewarding household task to tackle. 

How often should you clean your hardwood floors?

Daily. It is recommended to clean your floors daily and weekly. But, before that sounds like way too much work, pay attention to why and how each cleaning regimen should be done.

For daily cleaning, use microfiber cloths or mops – ideally cleaning pads – to draw out allergens and dust – at the surface as well as from the small grooves and crevices. For daily cleaning, a broom with non-abrasive bristles can also work well.  

Clean your hardwood floors daily as a matter of course. Daily cleaning only takes a couple of minutes and prevents you from the arduous task of deep cleaning if you let your floors go too long without any attention.

Weekly. Why keep putting off trying to get to those difficult (impossible) to reach areas? With a vacuum or a wet mop, you can tend to those tricky corners to get rid of the dirt that naturally accumulates through day to day living.

But, be careful! When mopping, don’t use too much moisture – some hardwood flooring is very sensitive.  Too must moisture can cause harm. They only need a very light sprinkling.

And when vacuuming, watch to make sure the wheels and low beater bars of the vacuum don’t scratch or mark up your floors. Granted, not everyone has the time to do this each week so you can get some help from a robot vacuum – many models can handle this delicate level of floor cleaning.    

What else can you do to extend the life and beauty of your hardwood floors?

By adopting and adhering to a few basic “rules”, you can maintain your flooring’s visual appeal and its life. If you decide that you want your beautiful hardwood floors to stay beautiful for many, many years, it will be easy to get in the habit of the following:

In the locations that get the most activity (i.e. high traffic) put area rugs down.

Take your shoes off at the door or at the very least – wipe them off on a rug before entering the room; this holds true for your pet’s paws – wipe them off whenever they come inside from the outdoors.

Hardwood floors cannot ever be steam-cleaned 

Wipe up each spill as it happens

Just following each of the above 4 habits and doing a daily and weekly cleaning as described above will extend the life and appeal of your hardwood floors so you, your family, and your guests will enjoy them for many years.