Perhaps more than any other aspect of the home, when it comes to remodeling it’s worth every homeowner’s time to shift their focus to flooring first. Not only does new, modern flooring elevate the appearance of the entire room, but it also contributes tremendously to the quality of daily home life.

This is especially true when the new flooring is appealing to the eye and will remain so for a much longer than expected period of time. 

New Flooring is Trending

All homeowners assess what they’d like to do to their homes, what they should do to their homes and what they must do to their homes. And, in each of those categories, new flooring is currently trending at the top of most homeowners’ “To Do” lists once they decide to upgrade and remodel.

Whether it’s to put the home on the market, to accommodate a new child or pet, or just to boost the aesthetic ambiance, homeowners are showing that new flooring is important worthwhile and rewarding.  

Here are the primary styles, types, and finishes of new flooring that are driving this surge in home remodeling.

Vinyl  – But not just any vinyl, what is referred to as “luxury vinyl” which can be vinyl plank or vinyl tile.  The plank casts a hardwood appearance and can be up to six feet long and very wide.

This is vinyl that has a visual and textured appearance. Luxury vinyl is used in all rooms throughout the house – hallways, foyers, kitchens, bathrooms – whatever room you feel could use a boost to its appearance and durability.

Tile – Once again, not just any tile, but tile that looks like wood. Textures and colors that appear to be wood are available as ceramic tiles. These natural-appearing wood textures come in a variety of colors for those who want a look and feel to their home and/or particular room that is more reminiscent of nature. 

Matte Finish – When comfort, practicality, and function take precedence over formality, a matte finish floor is a solution. When a home’s décor is more contemporary and informal, matte finishes provide a complementary feel and look to the room. Matte finishes have multiple applications, including luxury vinyl and tile.    

Carpeting – Some homeowners prefer carpeting and will not change their styles. When some carpet fibers are cut and others aren’t, some ends become exposed while others are “looped” thereby enhancing the look and feel of the carpet. Carpet, when created through this technique is now available in a variety of beautiful patterns and textures that immediately distinguish the overall image of the room.  These patterns include geometric, organic and wave-like designs.  

Whatever your taste or preference, the flooring options people are choosing today can accommodate all of your criteria – from appearance and durability to function and lifespan.

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