Your home is full of tech. After all, it’s the “internet of everything” these days, right? Your refrigerator can tell you what you need at the grocery store while you’re at the grocery store. Your washer knows how much water is needed for any size load without you telling it how much to fill.  Your lights come on when you cross the threshold of a room.

But you probably don’t know that tech has affected flooring and flooring products, too. And chances are you haven’t given much thought to just how all the durable, beautiful wide range of flooring that’s available today got that way.

The answer is tech! 

The 4 main flooring characteristics created by technology    

Stain resistance

Most likely, stains are the most worrisome concern when it comes to carpet. Nt matter who or what lives in your home – even if you are single – accidents happen – and they usually occur on your carpet.  

But fiber technology is eliminating that as an issue making it easier to install new carpet – or replace old carpet with new carpeting. Stain-resistant products – carpeting in particular  – means that a stain from a spill or a drop is easier to clean because the fibers don’t absorb the stain.


Life at home is busy and messy and sometimes a bit chaotic. Your floors take the brunt of all that activity but modern flooring has you covered – in more ways than one. If you’re skeptical, take a look at the warranties that are being offered on all types of flooring – from hardwoods to carpeting.

Warranties are now commonly ranging from 15 to 25 years. Thanks to tech, the materials in carpet and the scratch-resistant finishes on hardwoods can endure the wear and tear of daily life –   from pet claws to shoes that should have been taken off at the door and everything in between.  

Water resistance

Regardless of the surface – hard or soft – you now have waterproof options. Waterproofing is a simple way of ensuring that the flooring itself won’t be damaged or absorb water. Basically, if you spill a drink on waterproof carpet it will resist the liquid, disallowing it to penetrate the pad or the subfloor. Once again, those with pets have the opportunity to beautify their homes without worry and expensive do-overs every year or two.

Silky softness

If you like the soothing feel of carpet, then you’ll love knowing that carpeting today is more cloud-like than ever before. Beyond soft, the smooth and fine fibers in contemporary soft carpet today are like silk to the touch. And even better, the softness doesn’t compromise the carpet’s strength or durability.