Yes!  And, of the 70% of people estimated to have at least one pet (as reported by the American Pet Products Association in a survey recently taken) more and more of them are enjoying their pets and their homes even more because of the flooring available that’s designed with pets in mind.  

People love their pets and consider them part of the family. When making any home improvement or remodeling decision the entire family – and lifestyle – is taken into consideration. And the pets are always included in the conversation and the decision.

This is especially true with flooring. Fortunately today, families with pets have a much easier time and many more options when they find themselves in this particular situation.

Carpet or Hardwoods?

Today, you don’t have to settle on one over the other just because of how well it will stand the test of time with your pets. Both types of flooring can accommodate your visual needs and the demands of your pets.  

Today, thanks to the latest technology in flooring and carpeting manufacturing, both hardwood flooring and carpeting have features that add to each aspect involved in this decision – durability, appearance, and longevity. 

Pet-friendly Carpeting

Remarkably durable and simple to keep clean, game-changing waterproofed carpet is now an option when leaning toward purchasing carpet. Additional high-tech features now available in carpeting include warrantied protection from stains and enhanced durability.   

And while these features are highlighted as protection against your pets, these stain-prevention and life-extending features also apply to children of all ages.

Pet-friendly hardwood flooring

Many homeowners – from first time home buyers to retirees – prefer hardwoods. And that’s understandable. Hardwood floors give a distinctive look and feel to a room and a home. And the type of hardwood flooring does that even more so. 

But in homes with pets, especially more than one pet, things happen. When they do, these things can sometimes make a homeowner regret their decision to have chosen hardwood floors.  Fortunately, that doesn’t have to your experience.  

First of all, there are a couple of things you can do to protect your hardwoods. In high traffic areas, area rugs will make all the difference. Likewise, runners on stairs will have the same impact. They’ll protect your hardwood flooring while enhancing the decor of the room.  They are easy to clean, can be replaced reasonably inexpensively, and can also be purchased with stain-protection.

Furthermore, hardwood flooring options offer incredibly luxurious designs and utilize the latest technology to assure protection from water and moisture damage.

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