Area Rugs – Getting the Most Value from one of the Most Valuable Items in the Room

Area rugs serve a lot of functions. In addition to beautifying a room, they can soften, warm, spotlight, brighten, and complete a room. And usually, once a homeowner decides a room needs an area rug, he or she is assuming it will do all that it’s required to do.

But it doesn’t always work out quite that way. For this reason, in order to get the greatest value and best performance from your area rug, here are two simple guidelines to follow in order to make sure you realize all its benefits.   

Know where it’s going and make sure it will fit.

You may have an idea that an area rug might work really well in a room, but that’s not enough information. So, even before you start shopping around, make sure you know exactly where you are going to place it. Measure the room and measure the area where you’ll be putting the area rug.

Area rugs sizes are pretty standard – 4 x 6,  9 x 12, 8 x 10. It’s great if a standard size will work for your room and your furniture arrangement, but don’t be surprised if that isn’t your situation.

Don’t compromise on the room’s décor or the rug’s fit just because the room and area that you want to cover with an area rug doesn’t comply with standard sizes. You can select a wall to wall type of carpet and get it cut to the size that will be just right. You need only get the edges bound and it will have a fine finish and be truly custom made for your room. 

Know where and how you are going to place it.

The best example of this guideline is in the dining room.

The area rug you choose needs to be large enough so that the legs of the dining table chairs stay on the rug when they’re away from the table in use as well as when they’re up against the table. People sitting at your table need to be comfortable without being unbalanced because the chairs are wobbly or the legs get tangled up on the rug.

As far as where the chair legs should be placed, it’s up to you. Some prefer all 4 legs to be completely on the rug; others prefer that half are on and half are off. Whatever you choose, be consistent with all the chairs.

It’s also important that the rug is placed away from the wall at least 8-12 inches. You want to reveal some of the floor around the rug. If you choose your rug correctly, your flooring will frame and complement your rug.

And remember, after you’ve had your area rug for a while and you think it’s time to redecorate, an area rug is easy to replace. If you did your homework correctly the first time around, it will be even easier for you to decide which type and size of new rug you’ll buy. 

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