3 Tips for Creating the Ultimate Family Room!

The family room – it’s where everything happens. Its where ever one – family, pets, and guests –  eventually gather. In many homes, it’s also the room where you eat, watch TV, relax,  read, visit, play games and spend time with your pets.  It’s understood that this is the room should be warm and inviting while also comfortable. 

In short, it’s the most active room in your house – and it’s the room that defines your home and quality of home life. This means that it has a lot to offer your family and putting it together shouldn’t be taken lightly or done in bits and pieces.

Whether you’re moving into a new home with a family room or considering remodeling your existing family room, you and your family will get countless hours and many years of fun if you take the following not a consideration when planning and designing your family room.

Cushion your feet

Hard floors are not an option in a family room. Your first sensation when entering your family room should be in your feet – walking on something soft and cushiony.

If you don’t completely carpet the room, at the very least have an area rug. Whichever you choose, it needs to feel cloud-like to your feet. Not only is carpeting or soft flooring critical for creating the first comfortable feeling upon entering the room, but carpet and area rugs are also a safety feature. Things are less likely to break if they fall or spill onto carpeting and kids are less likely to get hurt if they tumble or trip and fall onto carpeting.

Furnish for function

Every family member needs to have a comfortable place to sit whenever they come into the room. And, you need to allow for a few guests in addition to each family member. Sectionals and plush floor pillows can be just as welcoming as an additional sofa or chairs if your family room isn’t large enough to hold a lot of furniture.

And, don’t’ forget to leave space for a coffee table. It needs to be large enough for the game boards and pieces. So, don’t clutter it up with a lot of other things. Keep it fairly clear so it’s easy to accommodate guests plates, drinks, as well as the game table and accessories.

Speaking of which, you must have some type of storage unit(s) in your family room to store your games, tech, tech accessories, magazines and other things that you’ll take out from time to time. You don’t’ want to encourage anyone to leave these things out after they’re done using them.

With the right cabinets, drawers, or storage table built-in, you’ll make it easy for your family and guests to put things right back where they belong.

Don’t forget about your TV. You’re likely going to have one and it’s going to a main focal point. Your best option is to build a custom shelf or furniture piece specifically for your TV so it looks like it’s part of the room instead of taking up space in the room.

Set the right hue and tone

There’s no doubt that one of the most soothing atmospheres is cast by a glow from the fireplace. If you’ve got a fireplace already, use it from time to time. If you don’t, you can create the same type of ambiance form a gas-burning or electric fireplace.

For those times when you don’t have a cozy fire, you’ll be most at ease if the color scheme of your family room is relaxing. Many people are currently leaning toward indigo blue but other shades of blue and green can also cast a peaceful tone. If you’re going for a higher energy atmosphere, orange and yellow color schemes are effective.